21 August 2019

The programme of Forumtech will include sessions for transfering the new technologies of information and communication know-how, and its application in the audio-visual business.


    9.00 Registration and documentation delivery
    9.30 Forumtech 2011 oppening act 

    9.35 Roundtable: How does it help Internet an audiovisual company
    Emilio Oviedo. Cumulus
    David Lastra. Adtriboo
    Rafael Cabanillas. Lánzanos

    11.30 Coffee break 

    11.45 3D is seen without glasses 
    Péter Tamás Kóvacs. Holografika

    12.15 3D storytelling
    Enrique Criado. Enxebre

    12.45 Roundtable: TV is already 3D. What is its future? 
    José Luis Tejerina. Independent consultant
    Salvador Bayarri. Mirage Tech
    Jorge Rodríguez. Hispasat

    14.15 Lunch
    16.00 Augmented reality in YOUR mobile 

    Juan Vicente Llácer. AIDO

    16.10 Diversify your business, augment your reality 
    Gaspard Chevallier. Total Immersion 

    16.40 The future of cinema and television goes online.
    Anders Sjöman. Voddler

    17.10 Roundtable: Internet connects to your TV. Opportunities and synergies
    José Luis Vázquez. AEDETI
    Antonio Jurado. Kirmedia
    Francisco José Asensi. RTVE

    18.10 Closing